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Javon Hilaire

Every real estate agent has a story on how they got started, and why they stay in the business. My story for starting was never about selling a million dollar house, it was about my experience of having a bad real estate agent when I purchased my first home, and finding out all the things that agent didn't do but was suppose to do. I became a real estate agent/salesperson so that other first time home buyers and sellers can get the full story, and not have to guess what the next step is. When I purchased my first house,  youtube and google taught me more than my agent - sad to say. I wanted to change that story for the next buyer/seller, and simply share information, because when one family does better, we all do better. And that is Paying it forward!

I have been a notary public for over ten years starting in Georgia then New Jersey, New York and now Pennsylvania. It is truly a public service, helping those who can't get out to a notary and being mobile and flexible with my time. As a notary loan signing agent I enjoy the relief & happiness on the buyer/seller face, when they finally close on a home, and all they was missing was a notary to do the paperwork. I truly enjoy what I do, which is why I continue to do it. So if you're in need of a referral to an agent, loan officer, title company, general contractor or more, just let me know. 

Real Estate Salesperson - Licensed by the Real Estate Commission for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Notary Public - Licensed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and the State of New Jersey.


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